Who is your target audience

Today we will look at getting to know our audience.
First, we have to understand why this is important and then we can look at tools to help us figure out our audience and how to start looking at this from a SEO perspective

You must have heard of the question, who is your target audience? Targeting one of the mistakes that we see webmasters make over and over and over again me included.
One of the mistakes is that we get way too broad and wide in our targeting. Because we’re enthusiastic, because we’re so excited about our website, we tend to delude ourselves into thinking that we can serve everyone. We target the entire human race.
Targeting has to ultimately come down to an individual not a percentage of the market, for example, the brain training market is valued at over 1 billion dollars and if we target .5% we get 500000
The problem with this is it’s not very bright, how many of these are not related to your product and you as a small company credibly convince them. Targeting is applying various filters to narrow down your audience.
Let’s look at an example of how we can look at this for this SEO course.
This SEO course is for individuals who own a website and have a revenue of 1000-5000$ per month and who are working alone and do not have a team and want to learn SEO to implement it on their business. Since I am living in Bangalore I will look at people living in India.
Think about this for a minute I have taken a market applied a bunch of filters and get down and defined what the target market is.
The idea is to have a target to a dot and then expand outwards like a target circle.

Tools to identify your target audience

let us look at some tools to help us with this.

I am going to list the tools and leave it as an exercise for you to go and explore these tools.

I pick only the ones that are popular and you have to understand that the data is not entirely reliable but may lead to some useful directions

Google Trends, Google Analytics, Alexa, Similarweb, and followerwonk.

Go ahead and look at these tools as they may provide you with some ideas for content that your users are likely to share among their followers.