Creating your ideal user persona

Now that you have some information about your users , you have to use it to direct your keyword selection.
A great way to do this is to use the information to create your ideal buyer persona.

It is good to ask yourself a few questions about your ideal buyer and build a persona around that, so you can better understand who you want to attract to your website.

our goal should be to create a website that speaks to the persona you’ve built. This will create a more user friendly website and naturally incorporate the right key words into your copy

You can create multiple persona’s to attract different users but in the beginning I would suggest to start with one and expand once you understand the process.

To get a better idea ask yourself a few questions about your user
– what is their age
you can use memes/slangs for younger people but older users may not understand these words

There will also be a large difference in British vocabulary versus American, for example Cookies vs Biscuit.

What gender are the users

The vocabulary may play a role in the keyword selection

To begin with creating a persona start out with an image of a person around the same age or group as your buyer.

You can download a sample User persona template here.